RTS9 Series

RTS90 is a larger chamber that allows for measurements on lower frequencies, it supports measurements down to 400MHz. Another benefit with the RTS90 is that its size allows for larger test objects.

The RTS90 is a high performance system that meets the requirements on accuracy, repeatability, high speed measurements and active MIMO measurements.

The superior mode stirrer and measurement antenna concept is installed as a standard in the RTS90 system which enables for more accurate measurements due to the creation of a isotropic, fading, multipath environment.

The shielding of the chamber is >100 dB which makes the measurement results stable, repeatable and insensitive from external interference.

Frequency Range 400 - 6000 MHz
Size 3.3 × 4.2 × 2.55 m
Shielding >100 dB
Active MIMO 4x4 Option Included
Download data sheet RTS90