Measurement Accessories

Bluetest offers a wide range of accessories designed to support and simplify the Reverberation Test System (RTS) measurements.

Calibration Antennas
Three different calibration antennas are available. They cover the frequency range of both RTS60 and RTS90:
  • 400MHz – 1.5GHz
  • 650MHz – 3.5GHz
  • 2.0GHz – 6.0GHz
Universal Antenna/Mobile Holder
Can be used to ensure flexible positioning in various angles during measurement.
Low Loss Mobile Holder
The Low Loss Mobile holder is made of a special material with very low loss tangent and dielectric constant close to air. These properties minimize the measurement impact of the holder. It is easy to move the device in and out of the chamber and place it in a repeatable position.
Low Loss Tablet PC Holder
The Low Loss Tablet PC Holder is also made of the same material as the Low Loss Mobile Holder to ensure that the holder has minimum impact on the measurements. This holder is suitable for larger devices up to 10’’/1kg, such as tablets.
Small Table for Laptops and Phantom Heads
Can be used as support for e.g. a head phantom. Includes mounting holes for the most common head and hand phantoms.
Cylinder for Lossy Liquid
Can be used as a simplified head phantom to introduce some additional load in the chamber.
RF Absorber Kit - Tuning the Delay Spread
For some measurements it may be necessary to tune the delay spread of the measurement chamber. An easy and convenient way to tune the delay spread is to use the RF Absorber Kit consisting of block of RF absorbing material in 2 sizes allowing accurate delay spread adjustment.
ISS11, Bluetest Instrument Switch
Bluetest instrument switch makes it possible for the user to create a permanent test set-up around the RTS. Save time and avoid re-cabling by using the Bluetest ISS11 by having all the instruments such as Communication Testers and Networks Analyzers can be connected to the chamber.
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