Bluetest Reverberation Test System

Bluetest’s RTS series of systems with a unique and patented technology significantly saves time and cost for OTA (Over-The-Air) tests of wireless devices with small antennas. The RTS60 and RTS90 are fast, accurate and easy to maintain. Bluetest provides an Active MIMO 2x2 solution which makes it very easy to measure throughput of LTE devices in a repeatable, multipath environment.

Reverberation Test Systems

Bluetest's Reverberation Test System is the compact, high speed and high performance OTA test systems that provides accurate and repeatable results.

Test Instruments

Bluetest provides test instruments for OTA and conductive testing. The Bluetest instruments are specially designed for measurements in RTS.

Measurement Software

The software available to the RTS systems ensure stable, repeatable and accurate results.